1. What is Simple Fitness Tracker (SFT)?
    It's a tool that helps you build a fitness habit. See how it works.
  2. Do I really have to exercise every day?
    Yes! Much like brushing your teeth every day, daily exercise helps keep you healthy and builds that fitness habit. The key is ensuring adequate rest and recovery. Therefore, your typical day should be fairly light, like the suggested 0.5 miles, 20 crunches and 5 pushups. You can have a few intense days per week to push yourself, but follow them with light days. Depending on your fitness level, you can raise intensity, but remember to give your body time to recover.
  3. How do I do the suggested exercises correctly?
    Check out these links for some tips: running, crunches, pushups.
  4. How long will it take to build a fitness habit?
    It really depends on you, but 4 weeks of daily fitness should put you well on your way. This PsyBlog article takes a more scientific look, if you're interested. Of course, a true fitness habit means a lifelong commitment, but those first 4 weeks of daily fitness are half the battle.
  5. Can I get some extra support?
    The SFT Personal Supporters program helps you stay consistent and motivated by connecting you with a dedicated online Personal Supporter. Based on your preferences, your supporter will be available via email to provide encouragement, check on your progress or discuss how you're doing. Having a real person in your corner boosts your chances of sticking with it. Email us to learn more and get started.
  6. What is a Simple Fitness Tracker (SFT) Team Challenge?
    It's a team fitness competition with friends and colleagues to motivate you to get active. You can see how everyone is doing and push each other forward on a public team page with a leaderboard and comments section. It takes a minute to start a new Team Challenge - see teams for details and an example public team page.
  7. How do I start a Team Challenge?
    Go to teams and fill out your team name and challenge dates. You'll instantly receive a public team page with a leaderboard, comments section, and button to "Join this Team Challenge". Simply share your team page with everyone you want to invite, and they can join by visiting the page and clicking the join button.
  8. I've joined a Team Challenge, now what?
    Get to work and record your exercise on mysft. Activity during your Team Challenge will instantly appear on your leaderboard, so your team will always know how everyone is doing. You'll also see your Team Challenge stats in your mysft sidebar under "Your team achievements," along with a link to your public team page.
  9. What is my public team page?
    It's the public page with your team leaderboard and comments. You can find a link to it in your mysft sidebar under "Your team achievements."
  10. What exercises count towards a Team Challenge?
    All miles, crunches, and pushups done during the Team Challenge will count. You can add and update these exercises until your Team Challenge Captain (the person who created the Team Challenge) freezes the leaderboard. At that point, the Team Challenge is over, and the leaderboard cannot be changed.
  11. How do I win the Team Challenge?
    The short answer is: by earning the most medals. You earn 1 medal for every 10 miles or 500 crunches or 100 pushups, and the fitness warrior with the most medals at the end of the Team Challenge wins. If two warriors are tied in medal count, the tie break goes to the one with the most progress toward more medals. In other words, add up the progress toward another medal for all exercises, and the warrior with the larger sum wins.
  12. Can I share my Simple Fitness Tracker (SFT) workouts with friends?
    Yes, you can Tweet or Facebook share each day's exercise before you record by using the Twitter/Facebook buttons to the right of the "Record What I Did Today" button.
  13. Can I update exercise after recording?
    Yes, just go to the Daily Fitness Log below your graph and click on any exercise amount to update it.
  14. What if I miss a day?
    You'll be asked to catch up when you login, or you can jump ahead and fill in missed days later in the Daily Fitness Log below your graph.
  15. Can I keep track of other things (e.g. sleep)?
    Absolutely! Just click the "Add a new activity" link below the input boxes.
  16. My question wasn't answered here! What do I do?
    We'd love to help. Contact us.
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